Meet Inst-AMP

Beautifully Powere Google AMP Mobile Template!

It's Blazing Fast

Nothing Compares to Google AMP!

It's Extremely Powereful

Filled with Awesome Custom Features!

It's Childproof Easy

We Made it Super Simple For You!

InstAMP is a fixed footer navigation style Google AMP Valid Mobile Template made to be similar to popular apps like Instagram, AppStore, Facebook and other simple fixed footer solutions.


Inst-AMP power

Designed for power and simplicity!

Starts with an Idea

Brainstorming a new, beautiful and useful design for you to enjoy.

We add Experience

We build, test, optimize, re-test, and only then we are happy.

We connect it to AMP

Connecting it to the latest and greatest technologies avaiable.

We make it User Friendly

Our code is as easy to read as text, and our users absolutely love it!

We upload for You

When all is done and tested, we upload it for your enjoyment!

Exquisite Features

Countless easy features. Just copy paste!

  • User List
  • Activity Feed
  • Typography
  • Landing
  • 404 Page
  • Soon Page
  • Timeline
  • Login Page
  • CSS3 Buttons
  • Share Boxes
  • Updates Page
  • Videos Page
  • Contact Page
  • Blog Template
  • Portfolio Page
  • Gallery Page

We Our Customers

We love our customers and they love us!

Fantastically well Built

This is a fantastically designed, well organized, and very well thought out Template with many, many features. Everything works great, and Customer Support was able to resolve the one small issue I had immediately! Do not hesitate to go with this Template if you like what you see!

The Amazing Austin

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