Online Marketing and Building Your Brand on Social Media.


Why Online Marketing is important?

Online Marketing is basically a way to grow your company’s on-line presence and market your product or services using Google Adwords, BING, Yahoo and facebook as a medium. We will create best Online Marketing strategy for you to improve your business brand visibility, to make a connection with your target audience and get sales through Ad Network. Our Online Marketing permits you to:
Social Media Traffic

Why Social Media Is Important

With more than three billion people around the world using social media every month. If people don’t know about your business, they can’t become your customers. Social media boosts your visibility among potential customers, letting you reach a wide audience by using a large amount of time and effort.
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Our Strategy

The average person spends over 2 hours a day on social media and a teenagers average 9 hours. 48% of people say they made their last online purchase as the direct result of a online advertisement. If you are not thinking about online marketing, it has been a road block for your company. Twenty-eight percent of brands feel that a lack of strategy is the top barrier keeping them from online business. We at SoftBranch create profitable strategy for you to start the online advertisement.
Always Monitor

We will monitor your online advertisement and social media in order to understand the needs of your audiences so that you can respond to their concerns or queries accordingly. We always update you with current topics that are revolving around, or what your audience is interested in, and what audience dose not like so that you may improve or modify the marketing strategy for better results and feedback

Analyze your Completion

Search Ads, Display Ads and Social Media play an extremely important role in product branding. We at Softbranch know the importance of Ads Ranking. We analyze your completion and create best Ad Copies for Search Networks, Media Banners for Display Ads Network, Facebook Ads and Social Media campaigns to get more results in fewer budgets.

Engage Users

We know the way to get more attention from social media users, we always make sure that each of your posts has its own uniqueness. To give your posts more unique and specific look, we opt for best images, engaging videos, quality gifs and hash tags to get more attention and exposure. We always ensure that the posts are short and interesting to make sure every user reads our posts and gets the message.


Keyword Research

One of the core competencies for Online Marketing in Ads Network and Social Media optimizations is the ability to do keyword research. Keyword research is all about identifying the phrases and topics your target audience is searching for, so we always focus on creating relevant Ad copies and content for you.

We provide you the complete details about the topics and keywords that’s relevant to your business, so that you can create the content accordingly for the Social Media and we create result oriented Ads Copy. Keyword research is best way of being found when people search for content relevant to your brand.

Optimize Your Content

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Content Is King” when it comes to online ranking. Well the same thing is true when we’re talking about paid online marketing. Content drives traffic from organic searches, paid searches and social media. We create quality content for your profile, website and Ads. Sharing quality content is the only ways to get succeed.
There are two types of content that you can publish on social media:

Targeted Keywords

We search most specific keywords that directly relate to your business.

Competition Analyze

We analyze competition and boost your search and display campaigns.

Cost Effective

We create relevant Ads that appear for a specific search term to decrease CPC.

How to increase Page Likes

Build your social media networks.

You are supposed to connect with as many people as possible on social media since your audience will not come to you on their own. It is utmost important to make a strong bonding since only a fraction of social media users meet your demographic characteristics and these are the individuals you need to connect with. To connect with your audience, we will create interactive posts on your social media pages to find individuals with shared interests.
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Connect with social media users

We build a strong social network of your audience so that you can establish the connection with your customers. This is the way increase the value of your brand by giving attention to the customer feedback. Increasing the reputation in Social Media is not easy, you cannot get the regular and recurring traffic just by sharing post on your company’s profile page.


Choose the right social network

It’s very important to choose which Social platform is best for your business and we are the expert in all type of social platform. Facebook is not the best option for generating leads if you are running a high profile recruitment agency. For such type of business you need a strong Linkedin profile. Some business get results from Instagram and Pintrest, some generates discussions (Twitter).


Create valuable and share worthy content

Your brand reputation can only be strengthen when you create quality useful content that your social media networks will be willing to share. The first point of social media monitoring requires you to be sure of how your audience will respond to the content. To succeed and to get positive results, we use interesting content such as memes, tutorial videos, instructional pictures and short stories or descriptions to share more about your brand.

Link Clicks
Keyword Volume
Best Time to Post on Social Media

Optimize Your Posting Schedule.

The time consumed in posting your stuff online is as precious as the duration it takes to get viewers’ feedbacks on it. So, here are some important tips to optimize your social media posting schedule.
How Often to Post on Social Media
The right frequency of timing measures optimizing of your social media posts which is the crucial part. You may want as many people to view your posts as possible, but you don’t want to completely bombard your followers’ streams and timelines. Thus, here’s a breakdown of the optimal social media posting frequency for different social networks according to research from Constant Contact:
  • Facebook: 3-10 times per week
  • Twitter: 5+ times per day
  • LinkedIn: 2-5 times per week
  • Pinterest: 5-10 times per day
  • Google+: 3-10 times per week

Track & Improve.

We track every single post, keywords, Ads copy and user conversion to customer by analyzing the audience flow, source, time, CPC, location, device, etc. To achieve business goals it is important to understand your audience either by using social data or by using insight tools for each platform. We provide you the detailed report of you website Ads and social campaign to increase ROI and save money.

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