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SMO and Building Your Brand on Social Media.


What Is Social Media Optimization?

Social Media optimisation is basically using social media as a medium to grow your company’s on-line presence whereas some corporations only tend to set or create profiles on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter which are the basic modes to find their customers at Social Media. SMO is all about strategically making bridges and increasing your social media platform to make a connection with your target audience. SMO permits you to:
Facebook Traffic

Why SMO Is Important

The differentiation between social media marketing and search engine marketing has become increasingly thinner. Previously, the two were used to be considered as separate and distinct aspects of selling or marketing. However, the reality is that they are more closely connected and difficult to be differentiated.
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Our Strategy

A lack of social media strategy has been a roadblock for companies for a while now. Partly because it’s still fairly new, and also because social media is always changing. Twenty-eight percent of brands feel that a lack of strategy is the top barrier keeping them from becoming a social business. We are SoftBranch create profitable campaign for you.
Social media monitoring

It has always been advisable to monitor social media pages in order to understand the needs of social media users and to respond to their concerns or queries accordingly. You should remain updated as what the current topic is revolving around, or what the user is interested in, and what social media users do not like so that you may improve or modify the posts’ contents for a better feedback.

We build a detailed profile

Social media profiles play an extremely important role in product branding. Most of these social media platforms are engaged in creating a bio, putting up a profile picture or background picture. Technically it ensures of the pictures that you use to create your profile are a true and interested representation of your brand.

We build a detailed Post

If you are keen to get more attention from social media users, you need to be sure that each of your posts has it’s own uniqueness. To give your posts more unique and specific look, you can opt for images, videos, gifs and hash tags to get more attention and exposure. Do ensure that the posts are short and brief to make sure everybody reads your posts and gets the message.


Do Keyword Research

One of the core competencies for social media optimization's is the ability to do keyword research. Keyword research is all about identifying the phrases and topics your target audience is searching for, so we always focus on creating relevant content for you.

We provide you the complete details about the topics, hashtags and keywords your target audience uses so we can share content that’s relevant to their interests. We achive this by Keyword research which also helps us to learn which hashtags and phrases to use in your social media posts so you have a higher chance of being found when people search for content relevant to your brand.

Optimize Your Content

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Content Is King” when it comes to SEO. Well the same thing is true when we’re talking about SMO. Content drives social media. You can’t succeed with social media marketing without sharing quality content.
There are two types of content that you can publish on social media:

  • Original content
  • Curated content
  • Ideally, our strategy is mix of both.
Test Headlines

For instance, your ads will be shown in the geography that you choose.

Use Images

People see you often in search engines and recognize your business name.


Ads that appear for a specific search term should be relevant. A search for colleges should not throw results.


Build your social media networks.

You are supposed to connect with as many people as possible on social media since your audience will not come to you on their own. It is utmost important to make a strong bonding since only a fraction of social media users meet your demographic characteristics and these are the individuals you need to connect with. To connect with your audience, you may also use the hash-tags on social media pages to find individuals with shared interests.
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Connect with social media users

There is a major difference between building a Network for your audience and establishing connections with users. People value those brands that give their customers attention and value customer feedback. Therefore, you should respond to comments and feedback in the social media posts and not simply share posts on social media and wait for the traffic to start rolling in.


Choose the right social network

Your approach towards the social networks should be customized per different platforms. Like say social networks have different characteristics where some are more business oriented (LinkedIn), some encourages craft (Pintrest, Instagram), some generates discussions (Twitter), while some are all about building social life and social networks (Facebook).


Create valuable and share worthy content

Your brand reputation can only be strengthen when you create quality useful content that your social media networks will be willing to share. The first point of social media monitoring requires you to be sure of how your audience will respond to the content. To succeed and to get positive results, you can use interesting content such as memes, tutorial videos, instructional pictures and short stories or descriptions to share more about your brand.

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Keyword Volume
Best Time to Post on Social Media

Optimize Your Posting Schedule.

The time consumed in posting your stuff online is as precious as the duration it takes to get viewers’ feedbacks on it. So, here are some important tips to optimize your social media posting schedule.
How Often to Post on Social Media
The right frequency of timing measures optimizing of your social media posts which is the crucial part. You may want as many people to view your posts as possible, but you don’t want to completely bombard your followers’ streams and timelines. Thus, here’s a breakdown of the optimal social media posting frequency for different social networks according to research from Constant Contact:
  • Facebook: 3-10 times per week
  • Twitter: 5+ times per day
  • LinkedIn: 2-5 times per week
  • Pinterest: 5-10 times per day
  • Google+: 3-10 times per week

Track & Improve With Social Media Analytics.

You should track your SMO efforts with social media analytics the same way you do with SEO. Some of these can be done through Google Analytics using UTM codes. These UTM codes and shortened URL’s help in raising the traffic to your website from social media to a specific channel or campaign. In addition, these also uses your social media marketing tool reports in terms to get a fuller impacted results of your campaigns.

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