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How It Works

Google Adwords is very easy to operate but if you are talking about the results, it’s really not easy to get. The main key to get result from Google Adword is your website structure second is Keyword research than you also need to work on few more things like Ads strategy, competition analysement and many others explained below. We at Softbranch deliver promising results for your business marketing by co-ordination with of our experienced and professional staff to meet your expectations and to provide you with utmost satisfaction. Our online marketing method combines competitive analysis with experienced information architecture that gives you outstanding results and an excellent business experience.

The ever-growing popularity of Google AdWords

We are here to make you getting started with AdWords. We will represent you the functionality of AdWords and it’s benefits of advertising with Google. We'll conjointly walk you through putting in your first campaign and will also share some tips to assist you get familiar with your account.
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So, what is Google AdWords? Setup and Basics

Tired with SEO, need instant result and reach to the customers instantly? Try our Google Adword services, specially designed for the business owner to market the product instantly and efficiently. When your customer browse for a particular term on Google related with your product, we will put your website Ad on the top of the list of that specific searches, generally your Website Ads display on Google search at...

  • We can display your advertisement on the top.
  • On Google Search and other websites





Google Search
Our digital marketing services are tailored to send targeted traffic to your website & mobile app to generate qualified leads and grow your business.
Keyword Research
We will find the best keywords for your campaign that are related to your business to start with your first profit making AdWords.
Bid Strategy
Google decides your ads location based on quality score of your website and we are expert in increasing quality score.
Instant Results
Our Optimized Ads gives you instant results.

Type of ads in Google AdWords

Campaign Type of Google Adwords and Specialized Campaign Type of Google Adwords
Now, let us look at each of these ad types in detail.


Search ads

We implement optimization techniques to raise your rankings in top search engines.

Display ads

We will create and display your Ads on websites from high-traffic to quality niche sites..

Shopping ads

Google Shopping ads have become a vital channel for retailers and we are expert in it.

Video ads

We create affordable short video Ads services for your Corporate, Brands & Businesses website.

Universal app campaign

Universal App Campaigns is the great way to find new users for your mobile application.


Search ads information

When a user searches for something on Google related to your business, we make sure to list your ads to appear on the top of all Ads and organic listing.

Important factors in search ads

We optimize your Ads so that it will be shown in the geography that you choose.

Search term and keyword

Our expert team will do all keyword research for you for instant result.

Ad copy relevance

Ads that appear for a specific search term should be relevant. We create relevant Ads copy for good result..

Landing Page Experience

Landing page of the website is an important factor to increase Ads quality score.


Our Adword expert team always working in finding new ways to increase the quality score to lower the bid.

Quality Score

We increasing quality score of your Ads by working on your landing page, Ads copy, Keywords and user experience for maximum results.

Search on differnent platform.

  • Call-only ads - Call only Ads are now getting popular in many business sectors where the customer is looking for instant services. After clicking the Ads your customer can make you a call directly.
  • Dynamic ads - Display Ads are also very popular way to get traffic from niche website on the search network. We have huge experience in creating Display Ads and video campaigns as well.
  • Mobile app promotion - These ads are suitable for businesses with mobile applications. The goal of this ad is to encourage users to download your app or take a desired action within the app.

Below are some targeting criteria, based on which Google selects the websites to place the display ads.


If the Google Adsense enabled website owner want to display “User Interest Based Ads” to be displayed on his website than the ads will be displayed as per the history of search, if not then display on the basis of website content.


Higher the placement – Higher the biding cost. If you want to display your Ads on the first fold of the website then the Google will charge higher and if the Ads placement is in the footer than Google will charge less.


Remarketing helps us to reconnect with the existing website visitors. Using this, we can target those visitors who have come to the website but have not taken any action.

Niche Targeting

We help you to target your Ads on the particular niche website. Our expert team will choose the best keyword related to your business and place Ads only on those websites. This is an effective way to attract targeted audience.

Shopping ads Website

Shopping Ads are more popular Ad type under whole seller and retailer offering physical product. Shopping Ads are primarily based on the visitor conversion and a good source for generating quality leads.
This is how shopping Ads would appear on the Google.

  • Step to run Shopping Ads on Goolge:
  • We will setup a Google Merchant Center account and upload your produts specifications, price, images and details in the specific format.
  • Link your Google Merchant Center account with Adwords account.
  • We will oprimize your Ad campaign to increase revenue.
  • You need to provide us the updated product inventory every 30 days to update on the Google Merchant Center.

  • Please Note: Shopping Ads are available on YouTube and Google Search network. Currently these Ads are not available on the Google Adsense network.

Video ads

We will create small promotional videos to run on YouTube and other Google Display Networks.

Main benefits to run video Ads with an expert.
  • Better targeting - We will research and find the best options for your business growth by targeting the right audience on YouTube and Google Display Network by selecting the keywords, location interest and even device.
  • YouTube - 1 Rank - Currently YouTube rank no. 1 website for videos, it means that you have access to a wider audience and creating impressive Ad for YouTube is our expertise as it’s a very important factor convert that audience to the customers.
  • Always Tracking - We will manage you Ad budget by tracking every single action like View, Clicks, Performance, Frequency, and Audience to increase the success of video ads.
Display your Ads on Mobile App.

Universal app campaign

We will promote your Mobile App across Google search, PlayStore, YouTube and Display Ads.

Managing Adwords for the App is not a big deal for us, our team will create eye caching Ads copy in the desired language, calculate budget, targeted location, audience and the starting bid.
Our team will provide you all the useful information on timely basis so that we can discuss and try new possibilities to increase the conversion.


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