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Bio-Matric System for Institute Management

We are specializing in biometric software solutions for educational institutions. Our streamline attendance, enhance security, and ensure accurate record-keeping, making management effortless and efficient. Trust us to optimize your educational institute’s operations with cutting-edge technology.


Class Management

Simplifies class management by automating attendance, tracking student performance, and managing schedules. It enhances efficiency, ensures accuracy, and provides real-time insights for a seamless educational experience.

Subject Management

Subject management by organizing course materials, tracking progress, and scheduling classes. It ensures enhances student engagement, and provides educators with essential tools for effective teaching.

Teacher Management

Teacher management to increase performance, allocating class and schedules. It simplifies administrative tasks, enhances accountability, and provides valuable insights, allowing educators to focus more on teaching and less on paperwork.

Create Batches

Admin can create batches by joining multiple subjects, streamlining scheduling and class organization. It ensures efficient curriculum planning, maximizes resource utilization, and provides a cohesive learning experience for students.

Add Subjects

By using our software system Admins can add subjects and allocate them to any class and timing. This feature ensures flexible scheduling, efficient resource management, and tailored educational planning to meet the specific needs of each class.

Attandance System

Our biometric software features an auto attendance system that accurately records student and staff attendance in real-time. It eliminates manual errors, saves time, and ensures reliable data for reporting and analysis, enhancing overall efficiency and accountability.

Fee Management

Our biometric software offers fee management tailored to individual classes or batches. It simplifies invoicing, tracks payments, and ensures accurate financial records. This feature enhances transparency, streamlines billing processes, and provides detailed financial insights .

Payment Gateways

Integrates with payment gateways to accept fees, providing a secure and convenient payment process. It supports multiple payment methods, ensures transaction accuracy, and offers real-time tracking, enhancing the financial management experience.

WhatsApp Integration

Automatic fee and attendance notifications to parents via WhatsApp. This feature ensures real-time updates, enhances parent-teacher communication, and provides convenience for staying informed about their child’s academic progress and financial matters.

Parent Login

Our software enables parent login to access attendance records, fee details, and academic progress of their child. This feature enhances parental engagement, provides transparency, and fosters collaboration between parents and educational institutions for better student support.


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